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Our Synergistic Framework

The tools, resources, platforms and funds that makes world changing innovation possible!

Member Designed Solutions

Enhance Visibility & Revenue, Mitigate Risk & Reduce Costs, Generate Profit-Sharing & More!

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Compare how going it alone matches up against our model! | Spoiler:  It's no match!

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Consider This:  In addition to the topics mentioned above; the video reveals how our member-controlled pooled fund makes it possible for our members to research, develop and implement the powerful initiatives discussed above and SO MUCH MORE!

The member-control pooled fund starts growing with our first member at the rate of $100 per member per month.  

Now, imagine the possibilities when we achieve our initial Southwest Texas membership goal of 1000 members by the end of 2020.  

Fund availability at that point will be $100,000 per month and $1,200,000 per year! 

What do YOU think is possible when you combine 1,000 entrepreneurial-minded individuals with this level of funding and our powerful tools?

WORLD CHANGING INNOVATION!  One institution, one idea and one act at a time.